City Photography

Official Picture for the City St. Georgen Facebook Page

  • Sep 13, 2015
  • written by Erik Struß

It was a really great day, the sunset started at 7:40PM and the sun goes down
in the left part of the picture behind the city. At the guide hall there was a festival behind the radio tower
and so I take nine different pictures with a different exposure time, different ISO and different focal ratios.
After the photoshooting I assembled the pictures together in photoshop to get a HDR high dynamic range picture. It was worth the time, my picture became the official cover picture of the St. Georgen (City) Facebook Page.

Der rasende Rolli from Erik Struß - 2. Semester on Vimeo.

AV Production 2nd Semester - The Racing Wheelchair

  • April 07, 2015
  • written by Erik Struß

Der rasende Rolli "The racing Wheelchair" was a AV production in 2nd Semester - the idea was to show how the world will look like when the oil is gone in a parody way. And to catch up the idea "we always meet twice in a lifetime". We filmed in a classic way with an analog video camcorder in HD 1080i. Our Professor for this project was Martin Aichele (Dean of Studies) in Media Conception of the Hochschule Furtwangen Universtiy.