Erik Struß

Media Conception B.A

In 2015 I've finished my studies as a Bachelor of Arts in Media Conception at the Hochschule Furtwangen University. My personal goal is to reach the limits of possibilities in my life. I tried hard and as a reward for my hard work I won the Samsung Appcademy Award - 1. Price with my concept "Ultra Smart App" - develop the future of Smart TV Apps. In 2007 I already won the Game of the Year Award from - but I got more than the will to win - the ideas - a creative mind and the knowledge to realise the projects. My greatest success was my Youtube Channel Race & Fun TV - about 900 Videos and more than 13000 Subscribers and 10.000.000 Video Views. There I can help other people by sharing my knowledge in "how to do" Tutorials and provide entertainment to the mass. To be honest, I still searching for a company who can use my wideband knowledge of media conception and where I can change our future into a brighter one. Even if today was perfect, there is still improvment for tomorrow.